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Another Servotech success story!

We at Servotech have been recognised for our outstanding level of service to the rail industry, which has resulted in high quality repairs and one happy customer! A report below shows our success story. 

Southern Mk1 WSP Racks Reliability Improvement

The reliability their WSP Racks post Overhaul was poor due to poor quality and service from the repairer.

The process:

Southern engaged with a new repairer (Servotech Ltd) who specialised in electronic obsolescence. They now overhaul all Southern’s Mark 1 & Mark 2-1 converted WSP racks. Every repair includes a complete overhaul, irrespective of why the rack was returned.

The outcome:

The cost of each overhaul rack has increased, but the reliability has more than doubled (and availability is improving too), so Southern considers the extra cost is worth paying. This graph compares 2016 returns from OEM repairer, with 2018-9 from the new repairer.

Recommendation A3:

In order to deliver the reliability needed from key systems, it can be worth:

  • Investing the effort to bring a new repairer into the market; and
  • Increasing the scope of repair to include a more comprehensive overhaul.

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