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After I call how soon do you collect my repair?

If the repair is sent in requiring a quotation then we will collect it in approximately 48 hours.

What happens if it is urgent?

It is our goal to reach you with a member of our logistics team within 2 hours of your call. Of course distance and/or traffic may extend that time but if possible we will be there.

What do you mean by 12 months whole unit warranty?

It is our policy to refurbish a complete unit, not just replace the damaged parts. This is very important in maintaining our high success rate on initial repairs as often ‘dated’ parts caused the failure in the first place. Because of this we offer our 12 month warranty for the whole unit, not just a repaired section unless there is a most exceptional situation whereupon we will always communicate with you.

How do I know that you will actually repair my equipment?

If we cannot repair your equipment for any reason we will advise you of this and recommend a suitable alternative action. This may mean seeking an adequate replacement or contracting specialist assistance. If we may not be able to meet your desired repair requirements then we will recommend someone who can.

How much do you charge for quotations?

Quotations done in the workshop are free, on-site surveys are negotiable.

What are your logistics charges and how are they weighted?

Logistics are free upto 170 miles radius from our address. Other charges may vary and will be quoted and alternatives can be offered i.e. your own carrier.



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