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Food and Drink Manufacturing

Manufacturing within this sector is heavily dependant upon electronic components, driving foodstuffs and drinks around plants. We work around-the-clock to ensure the minimum disruption to the processes.

Site Work

  • Calibration
  • P.L.C.
  • A.C. Drives
  • P.C.B
  • H.M.I. Panels

Work Undertaken

  • U.P.S. Repairs
  • H.M.I.
  • Site work
  • Servo motors
  • Calibration
  • P.C.B repairs
  • P.L.C.s
  • Drives
  • Flow sensors
  • Asset planning
  • Automation control
  • Displays
  • Pumps
  • Scada
  • Operational improvement


Case Studies


Several ‘over temperature’ faults were detected by an engineer in the north of England. It was obvious that a method of cooling was required. Due to the abundance of compressed air available, it was deemed suitable to use ‘vortex’ tubes to carry out the cooling on two specific large A.C. drives. The installation of the cooling system was carried out on a Sunday to prevent any production issues.

The end result was a cabinet that did not fail due to ‘over temperatures’.



A food processing customer was losing A.C. drives on a regular basis.

Servotech identified the common failure mode and rebuilt the circuitry to include voltage protection. This ensured that the drives did not fail.


Some of Our Clients Include

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