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Renewable Energy

Despite renewable energy coming from natural resources, the mechanisms for producing the energy need to be maintained and repaired.

Site Work

  • Wind farms
  • Hydro power
  • Power generation
  • Power station
  • Marine energy
  • C.H.P. L.F.G

Work Undertaken

  • Remanufacture
  • Ignition controllers
  • Flare systems
  • Laptop/software
  • PCBs
  • Hand-held digital tools
  • Tec jet repairs
  • R.T.U. units
  • Made cable harness
  • Wind turbine repairs
  • Loom repairs
  • Dungs valves
  • Scada
  • H.M.I.s
  • Calibration

Case Studies


O.E.M. Digital engine management unit contains components that are now obsolete. The cost for a new system was £15,000. Servotech ‘reverse engineered’ the unit and replaced the components with modern electronics. This not only allowed the customer to save many thousands of pounds, it also enabled the latest technology which allows the gas engine to run efficiently.


A customer had a fire within the gas engine container. This resulted in part of the wiring harness loom to be destroyed. The O.E.M. held the harness for three days and quoted two weeks delivery. Servotech collected the harness from the O.E.M. and produced a new harness within three days.


A bank of six gas engines had been out of action for five days due to a power supply failure. The power supply was collected from site, repaired and returned within 24 hours. All six engines were returned to action.

Some of Our Clients Include

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