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We are helping to keep the supply of electricity, gas and water running by repairing obsolete parts and providing solutions to supply problems.

Site Work

  • Drive installation
  • H.M.I. installation
  • U.P.S. Commissioning



Work Undertaken

  • U.P.S. Repairs
  • H.M.I.
  • Site work
  • Motors
  • Calibration
  • P.C.B. repairs
  • P.L.C.s
  • Drives
  • Flow sensors
  • Asset planning
  • Automation control
  • Displays
  • Pumps
  • Scada
  • Operational improvement

Case Studies


Servotech were asked to support a water utility in their maintenance and commissioning of uninterrupted power supplies (U.P.S.) within their catchment area. Servotech have surveyed a number of sites, and have arranged for follow-up visits to either repair or replace broken units.



Obsolescence was causing a power utility many problems due to equipment being deemed unrepairable by the O.E.M. To replace the battery back-up systems was going to cost millions of pounds. Servotech were asked to evaluate the obsolete boards and establish if the equipment could be supported. In general, when a P.C.B. is deemed obsolete by the O.E.M. there is a period of time before the individual components become obsolete.

Consequently, Servotech can continue to support the equipment by sourcing components individually and repairing the P.C.B.s.

Some of Our Clients Include

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